Why Diets Don’t Work

In the United States today we have become one of the most unhealthy and overweight populations around the world. However, from my observation many people at least attempt to be health conscious, by limiting their intake of unhealthy fast foods and high carbohydrates, in exchange for healthier fruits and vegetables. There are many fad diets on the market, that focus on controlling carbs and increasing protein and liminting portions. These fad diets all seem to focus on food intake issues. However, when one reduces food intake to low levels, hunger becomes the enemy. Hunger can trigger the fat storage hormone, thus preserving emergency calories in the form of fat.

Now personally my weight problem was gaining weight, but as a young adult I was still affected by the all too common American problem. My Mom struggled with weight gain, after having us 3 kids. Then later her sugar levels began to get out of control, then the stress of all of it combined, thus leading to a stroke at a young age of 63. During this time in my life I began to focus on causes of these health conditions. Now I am not a doctor, but I am a researcher, and I can read, and I can look up information. And what I discovered, during this journey, made me very uncomfortable, with our “dietary protocol” in our health care institutions. Refined foods, very few raw vegetables, the list goes on.

So I began looking at all of these trendy diets, again they seem to approach the weight loss component, based on limiting intake, or limiting carbs and increasing protein and fat. If you have ever tried any of thee diet programs, which I shall leave nameless, pick one, any one. They most all focus on this approach.

Then I asked myelf, why do all of these diet programs seem to focus on the same components, yet seem to show poor results. Why is the question? You can’t make money if it works is the answer. Billions of dollars a year are spent in the weight loss industry, but how many do you know that have had lasting success. I am sure there are a few. But the reason there is only a few, could be because the success is temporary. And there is a rebound effect, after some limitied success. Why does this not last, why do people YoYo diet. This is what I learned. The reason may not ne from food intake, but from food meatbolism. Let me explain.

If most diets don’t work, becuse they are focusing on intake not focusing on the underlying cause, metablolism.

  • Magic creams… don’t work
  • Majic weighttloss pills don’t work unless they have horrible side effects
  • There is not a single gadget that can make you slim
  • And who has the time to put into a workout routine after a hard days work.

So let us change our focus. Let me ask you this? Have you ever heard of Adiponectin? My guess is No.

Have you ever heard of CRP – stands for C-Reactive Protein. Is that a No as well.

Here it is : “No diet in the world will help lose a single pound until you block the CRP and activate the Adiponectine”

Adiponectine is your fat burning hormone, and as we get older, our CRP levels increase and CRP blocks the Adiponectine from doing it job from doing it job.

One of the healthiest places on the planet is Japan. And they are known for there longevity, why because they focus on hearbs and foods that increase metabolic health.

Whaat if I could share with you some information on this different approach, would it be worth your time to at least get informed.

You can choose to do one of three things.

  1. Stay the same and continue down the road you are on.
  2. Attempt another starvation diet, that focuses on decreasing intake
  3. Get informed of the natural way to increase you metabolic rate, thus creating weightloss and increased energy.

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