Through theWilderness Episode 1

I have written Through the Wilderness for you , not because I have reached some great plateau of existence: nor because I have some deranged belief that I am some how better than, or smarter than, or any other self edifying trait you would like to through at me.  I have written this, as if it were breadcrumbs for you to follow.  The specifics and details of my journey may be different, yet my journey still took me through the same land of confusion, deserts of despair, land of feeling lost, the valley of death, where fountains of fear spirng forth like blood from a gaping wound.  

I am still walking my journey, yet I have already walked many miles so far.  I have seen the Mountain Tops, and yes there are mountain tops, ahead.  Can you see them, do you know how to get there?  Are you wandering in the Wilderness, seeking comfort, seeking direction,  looking for anything that will help you find that mountain top.

Bread and Water, for your journey.  This is what I am leaving you today!  Bread nourishes the Body and sustains life and Water helps purify your body, refreshes the soul, and gives life to all the living.

You need  this Bread of Life and this pure Living Water. 

How do you find it?   Follow these Bread crumbs I am leaving you in the Wilderness. 

Today, is the last day you will wander alone in the Wilderness of despair.  There is greater life, greater joy, and internal happiness that await you.  Follow these Breadcrumbs I leave you and you will discover your own path through the Wilderness. You will make you way to your own mountain top. 

Be Blessed on your Journey.

See you on the Mountain Top

Kevin Wilson

The Moriah Center

In Episode 1, we are just going to begin to lay some ground work. 

I just want to explain the process of you journey.  and What to expect during our time together in this journey.  This will be short, but there will be some things to begin to prepare for, before the next step of your Journey. 

Short assignment:

Today, I want you to start a journal.  This will be your road map to help you chart your course from where you are to where you are going.  This can be any kind.  Personally,  I like paper, because you can write with “Stream of Consciousness, with out distractions.   You chose what is comfortable to you.  But it is important that you trust me on this.  

In Episode 2  you will begin to examine:

Where are you?  I will help you by giving you some simple questions that will help you  self-reflect and  better understand where you are in life.

Where do you want your journey to take you?  Where do you want to go what are you trying to achieve?  

I will help you begin to see the stumbling blocks that keep you distracted and wondering in the wilderness?

In the next Episode we will look at our journey from the mountain top.  Stepping outside ourselves we can see the big Picture.

Thank You for you time today see you tomorrow .


Kevin Wilson 

The Moriah 

Through the Wilderness 

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