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The Moriah Center Better Health Solutions Qualification Questionaire

This simple questionaire will help you identify a few key area that may affect your health.  This is just the first step, in helping you find solutions and obtain the results you are looking for.

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Are you a male of female?

I only ask because physical body chemistry may vary.

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What is your current age range?

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Do you have family and loved ones that depend on you?

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Which description most closeley describes you  current level of physical activiy?

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Do You attempt to maintain a healthy diet?

Which statement best describe you?

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When I do eat out...

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Have you tried any diet plans before, and did they work for you?

Check all that apply.

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Do you have food cravings between meals?

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we are almost finished....

Have you ever heard of these two proteins in our body, one is  called "C-Reactive" Protein and the other is Adiponectin?

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Ok one Last Question...

The Moriah Center, is not only about health.  It is about Better Health Solutions, Greater Wealth Creation, Personal Developement, and Spiritual Growth.

If I could offer you, FOR FREE, information that could help you in all of these area Would that interest you.

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